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9,102 children were admitted to the first ranking in the kindergartens and nurseries of Sofia

Today in the building of the Sofia Municipality in the presence of parent organizations and representatives of the working group was held the first ranking for admission of children in independent nurseries, kindergartens and preparatory groups in schools.

"A total of 18,806 children, from 1,793 children were transferred for the announced 12,150 places. 9,103 children were admitted to the first ranking and 3,048 places remained vacant. The main shortage remains in the nursery age, which is about 5,000 places. " This was said by Deputy Mayor Todor Chobanov. For kindergartens in which construction activities are carried out, no places have been announced for children in nursery and first kindergarten age. They will be announced after the commissioning of the sites.

The second ranking will be held on May 30, and the third and fourth rankings are on June 13 and June 27, respectively.

Current rankings for the school year 2020/2021 will be held weekly from August 29, 2020.

Sofia Municipality continues its program for building new kindergartens and opening new places. Currently, 9 kindergartens are being built and reconstructed in the regions "Ovcha Kupel", "Vladaya", "Poduyane", "Krasno Selo", "Iskar", "Lyulin", "Izgrev", "Ilinden" and "Lozenets". The opening of a construction site for a new building in Triaditsa and the reconstruction of an Eternit building in the Studentski district are forthcoming.

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Tomorrow Vrana Park and the park of the Military Academy will be opened for visitors

By order of the mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova, two more large metropolitan parks open their doors for visits on May 9 - the Vrana Museum Park and the Military Academy Park.

The Vrana Museum Park is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 up to 16 hours. Pets and cycling are not allowed in both places. From tomorrow, the Western Gate Archaeological Park and the garden at the Alexander Battenberg Mausoleum will be open to the public.

We remind citizens to observe all anti-epidemiological measures and especially to observe physical distance between the groups.

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Another girl was born through the donor program "Invitro" of Sofia Municipality

The number of girls born thanks to the donor program "Ivitro" of Sofia Municipality has increased today by another baby. A total of 18 children are already the result of this program, of which 6 girls and 12 boys.

Several more families from Sofia, who needed in vitro procedures with donor eggs, are waiting to become parents in the coming weeks, the Mothers for Donation Foundation announced. One of the couples is fighting for the happiness of having their own child for 15 years.

Since 2015, every year the Sofia Municipality has been supporting women with reproductive problems under the program, which was established jointly with the organizations "Mothers for Donation" and "I Want a Baby". In the budget of Sofia every year BGN 70,000 are provided for this purpose.

The first child of the donor "Invitro" Program - Samuel turned 3 last fall and is enjoying a wonderful childhood

will meet by the beginning of June, said Dr. Monica Chause, Director of the Health Directorate of Sofia Municipality.

More details about the program and how to apply for it can be found on the website of Sofia Municipality -

Thousands of women in Bulgaria who need IVF with donor eggs to become mothers. That is why the Mothers for Donation and I Want a Baby foundations, together with the Sofia Municipality, have developed this project to finance some of the necessary procedures.

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Fandakova: From May 3, Sunday, we open for a walk Vitosha Nature Park

From May 3, Sunday, we open for a walk Vitosha Nature Park. Today, at a meeting in the Council of Ministers with Prime Minister Borissov, Minister Kiril Ananiev, Minister Mladen Marinov, Gen. Mutafchiiski and the members of the National Operational Headquarters, we commented on the organization for the opening of the nature parks and the establishment of an organization for excursions in the mountains, for which the Minister of Health issued an order.

The teams of Sofia Municipality and Municipal Police will organize the movement and parking of cars from " Dragalevtsi ”to the Morenite and from“ Boyana ”to the Golden Bridges, Vetrovala and Ophelia.

Between 11 and 14 o'clock these roads will be closed for cars.

Cars with people with limited mobility and with will be allowed in the parking lot of Aleko hut wheelchairs.

In order to prevent the gathering of many people in one place, the bus lines that travel to Vitosha, stay stopped. By calming the epidemic situation, we are ready to restore the movement of city bus lines to Vitosha.

When walking in the mountains, keep a distance of at least 2.5 m. When talking to other people put on a mask or scarf.

The huts on Vitosha remain closed. It is forbidden to sit on benches and in gazebos, as well as to gather companies and groups of tourists. Picnics are only allowed for one family member.

Please the citizens who do not know Vitosha well, but want to take a walk, to use only the marked eco-trails.

Thank you to all citizens who responsibly follow the rules for walking in the open large parks.

On Sunday we will remove the lanes in the big parks, but I ask the citizens to observe the one-way traffic and the rules for walking in the parks.

The bans on sitting on benches and on the use of children's and sports facilities.

I instruct the mayors of the regions from Monday to create an organization for the opening of small parks in neighborhoods and city gardens in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures.

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