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A prophylactic campaign to fight breast cancer has begun

For the 7th consecutive year, an information and prophylactic campaign for the fight against breast cancer has been launched in the capital, organized by the First SAGBAL "Saint Sofia". At a special press conference today the event was presented by Dr. Gergana Kolarova, Executive Director of the Municipal AG Hospital, Doncho Barbalov, Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Georgi Ruichev, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, and Dr. Monika Chase, director of the Health Directorate at the Metropolitan Municipality. <br> <br> "The goal of the campaign is to get more women informed about the need for regular prophylactic examinations. The sooner the disease is detected, the more likely the patient is to be completely cured," said Dr. Kolarova. She thanked the Sofia Municipality for the support and for the modern equipment purchased for the Surgery of the Breast Surgery Unit in First SAGBAL. <br> <br> This year's prevention campaign includes 10 medical establishments from Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Stara Zagora, which will have free mammological examinations this month. These are the First SAGBAL "St. Sofia", the First MBAL, the Fifth MBAL, the Military Medical Academy, the "Alexandrovska" Hospital, the St. Anna Hospital, the Oncology Hospital - Sofia, the St. George Hospital - Plovdiv, the St. Petersburg Hospital. Marina "- Varna and University Hospital" Prof. Dr. St. Kirkovich "- Stara Zagora. Pre-booking phones for free examinations can be found on hospitals' websites. <br> <br> The campaign is supported by NPC, BNT, Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and Metropolitan EAD. <br> <br> "Let me remind you that in 2015 the Metropolitan Municipality created the first and currently the only organized breast cancer prevention screening program because of the social significance of this disease. Since then, about 19,000 women from different professional groups - teachers and non-teaching staff at municipal schools, employees of social and municipal cultural institutions working in children's kitchens, in urban transport - have already been examined. I believe that we have helped many of them find the problem in time and take successful treatment, "said Deputy Mayor Doncho Barbalov. The funds allocated from the Sofia budget for this purpose are BGN 350,000 a year. According to the plan, the municipal screening program should cover nearly 9,000 people, so far nearly 3,500 women have undergone screening, of whom 16 have been clearly diagnosed with cancer and have been operated on immediately, with another 22 patients suspected of having the same disease , and in 425 women the findings were found to be good governmental. <br> <br> In recent years, the Metropolitan Municipality together with municipal and state hospitals as First AG "St. Sofia ", Second Shinovo AG, Mother's Home, Military Medical Academy, etc. developed other prophylactic programs: for screening of the thyroid gland, prostate in men, screening of the lungs and myoma.

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Fourth Multiprofile Hospital For Active Treatment (MHAT) now works with new equipment for diagnostic and treatment

Medical equipment for nearly BGN 400,000 was purchased for the needs of IV MHAT with funds provided by the Sofia Municipality. The Executive Director of the Medical Center Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arkadi Ivanov today presented the advantages of the new equipment to the Deputy Mayor of Sofia Doncho Barbalov and the Director of the Directorate of Health at Sofia University, Dr. Monika Cheese. <br> <br> The modern equipment is intended for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mammary gland, oncological diseases in the field of abdominal surgery, for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the excretory system: prostate, kidney, bladder. An anesthetic device was purchased as well as a patient monitoring system in the Intensive Cardiology Sector. <br> <br> The aim of the investment is to improve the quality and effectiveness of the treatment of patients and to establish the municipal hospital as a place for modern diagnosis and treatment of socially significant diseases. <br> <br> In the last 4 years, a new medical equipment for over 1.2 million BGN was delivered to IV MBH. Part of it was provided with funds under the Jessica project. <br> <br> The hospital participates in the screening campaigns of the Sofia Municipality, organizes periodically free prophylactic examinations in different specialties for the residents of Sofia.

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The National Addiction Center was relocated to the area of the State Hospital "St. Anna "by decision of the Ministry of Health

For the past several years, the National National Addiction Center has been housed in the municipal building at 117 Pirotska Street, but the lease agreement between the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Sofia Municipality expired in the fall of 2018. another state-owned building in which he moved his business. <br> <br> The decision of the National Center for Drug Addiction to be located in the area of ​​St. Anna State Hospital is under the Ministry of Health. The allegations that the decision to open the center was made by the Sofia Municipality and that the buildings are municipal property are not true. <br> <br> The building on 117 Pirotska Street, where the Center was previously housed, is a municipal one. It has been vacated and the Sofia Municipality plans to build a children's hospital, which is in dire need of the capital. different specialists will be employed to make a comprehensive diagnosis of the small patients, provide first aid and, if necessary, refer them for treatment in a specialized hospital.

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Sofia Municipality Participates in Running for You Initiative to Support Breast Cancer Patients

The Metropolitan Municipality co-sponsored the Race for the Cure2019 initiative, "Running for You!" To support breast cancer patients held Sunday in South Park. During the initiative, the team of the Municipal Oncology Hospital performed free examinations with a mobile ultrasound, and also had the opportunity to apply for a consultation with a specialist in a medical institution. Discovered on time, breast cancer is treatable. <br> <br> That is why in 2015 the Sofia Municipality created the first and currently the only organized screening program for breast cancer prevention. Since then, about 19,000 women have been screened for it. Only until the middle of this year. of the planned 9,000 people have already been screened, nearly 3,500 have been examined. <br> <br> In addition, the Sofia municipality will purchase 1,000 examination tests by a new innovative method, which will be used for free examinations at several municipal health establishments: DCC No. 11 , DCC No. 30, DCC No. 29, and at the First AG Hospital “St. Sofia". <br> <br> All Sofia residents who join the "Run for You" initiative are making Sofia part of a worldwide campaign to support cancer patients with breast cancer, their families and friends. The initiative is organized by the Victory Cancer Foundation, the founder of the online platform <br> <br> In recent years, Sofia Municipality together with municipal and state hospitals such as First AG, Sheinovo, Mother's Home, Military Medical Academy and others. has also developed screening programs for the thyroid gland, the prostate gland in men, the lung screening and the myoma disease.

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