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В тази секция може да резервирате час за COVID кабинети за диагностика и изследване на територията на град София
В тази секция може да проверите резултатите от медико-диагностични изследвания (пациенти и лекуващи лекари)
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9,102 children were admitted to the first ranking in the kindergartens and nurseries of Sofia

Today in the building of the Sofia Municipality in the presence of parent organizations and representatives of the working group was held the first ranking for admission of children in independent nurseries, kindergartens and preparatory groups in schools.

"A total of 18,806 children, from 1,793 children were transferred for the announced 12,150 places. 9,103 children were admitted to the first ranking and 3,048 places remained vacant. The main shortage remains in the nursery age, which is about 5,000 places. " This was said by Deputy Mayor Todor Chobanov. For kindergartens in which construction activities are carried out, no places have been announced for children in nursery and first kindergarten age. They will be announced after the commissioning of the sites.

The second ranking will be held on May 30, and the third and fourth rankings are on June 13 and June 27, respectively.

Current rankings for the school year 2020/2021 will be held weekly from August 29, 2020.

Sofia Municipality continues its program for building new kindergartens and opening new places. Currently, 9 kindergartens are being built and reconstructed in the regions "Ovcha Kupel", "Vladaya", "Poduyane", "Krasno Selo", "Iskar", "Lyulin", "Izgrev", "Ilinden" and "Lozenets". The opening of a construction site for a new building in Triaditsa and the reconstruction of an Eternit building in the Studentski district are forthcoming.

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