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Sofia's in vitro babies are already 13

Another 4 babies were born this fall thanks to a donation program from the Metropolitan Municipality.

Of all the newborns under this program, the boys are already 9 and the girls - 4. In anticipation of the good news are several more families from Sofia, who needed in vitro procedures with donor eggs.

Since 2015, CO has been assisting women with reproductive problems under the program, which was created jointly with the organizations "Donor Mothers" and "I Want a Baby". So far, a total of BGN 163,308 has been paid for it, and donor in vitro procedures amounting to BGN 30,376 have been carried out in 2019 alone. The budget of Sofia annually provides for BGN 70,000 for this purpose.

More details about the program and how to apply for it can be found on the website of the City Municipality:

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Congratulations on December 3rd - International Day of People with Disabilities

Congratulations on December 3 - International Day of People with Disabilities, by Albena Atanasova, Deputy Mayor of "Social Activities and Integration of People with Disabilities" in Sofia Municipality

December 3 marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities officially declared by the UN General Assembly.

This day is the most appropriate occasion to express my heartfelt congratulations on your success in the difficult struggle to uphold the rights and interests of people with disabilities for their full involvement in civil society. With hard work and dedication, you set an example for successful integration of disadvantaged people in various fields, both creatively and professionally.

I express my respect and admiration for your will and dignity, for your strong spirit and striving to make your life more fulfilling and more joyful. The magic of your inspiration gives you the power to succeed in any endeavor. Today is an example of this! And let your example attract many followers, and have a good mood from the coming Christmas and New Year holidays to bring more happy moments and more joy to you and your families!

I wish you all the health, strength and courage to handle the difficult times!

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Fandakova: I believe that in the coming years, innovation and scientific discoveries will focus on human health

"I believe that in the coming years, innovation and scientific breakthroughs will focus on the individual, his health and capabilities, on the ability to compensate for various deficits in the interest of the individual and in the interest of the whole society." Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova said this at the opening of the BEC & ISEVS Endovascular Academy medical forum. The mayor thanked the organizers and personally the famous cardiologist Prof. Ivo Petrov for hosting the forum. The mayor of Sofia pointed out that the holding of this prestigious event in Sofia is an acknowledgment of the work of the Bulgarian medics. "It is well known that successful doctors are very active in supporting the community as a whole and I want to thank all the doctors present for the support they give to Sofia."

"The health and activity of people, their ability to live better is at the heart of the development of cities, countries and society as a whole. Health is the most important resource, and prevention is an investment in the big capital - people. Today, medicine is developing very fast and with the help of technology, digitalization and communication, there are more and more opportunities for diagnosis, treatment, opportunities that give a better chance for life for people "- said Mayor Fandakova.

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On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, the Fourth MHAT will perform blood glucose tests with a glucose meter

On November 14th on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, the Fourth Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment will measure blood glucose with a glucose meter. There will also be counseling and diet training in diabetes, training patients on insulin therapy, and training on self-adjusting insulin doses.

The examinations will be carried out from 9.00 to 14.00 on 14.11.2019.

The applicants can be enrolled on tel. 02/953 24 85.

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