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Donation account of a metropolitan municipality


RECIPIENT : Sofia Municipality

IBAN BG54SOMB91303133008302


Obshtinska banka klon "Vrabcha"

Any funds raised will be used to secure the provision of food and medicine to lonely living elderly people and other social activities, as well as the activities of physicians, nurses, nurses and staff of municipal hospitals to care for those infected with COVID-19.

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The public transport to Vitosha Nature Park is temporarily stopped and the Vrana Park is closed

In order to limit the spread of coronavirus infection, we are introducing the following additional restrictions tomorrow, March 21, 2020, Saturday in Sofia:

- Visits to parks, city gardens, playgrounds and playgrounds are suspended.
- Public transportation to Vitosha Nature Park is suspended and Vrana Park is closed.

The Mayor of Sofia addressed the elderly: "I urge people over 60 to shop for food and medicine by 10.30 am. They are the most vulnerable a hole in the disease and our recommendation to them is to leave their homes only when needed. I would like to remind that for all lonely living sick people, we provide essential supplies and medicines to their home.

We opened a donation account of the City Municipality due to the great interest of companies and citizens to donate funds to deal with coronavirus. We will use all proceeds received to provide food and medicine supply activities to lonely elderly sick people and other social activities, as well as to the activities of physicians, nurses, orderlies and staff of municipal hospitals to care for infected with COVID-19.

All citizens who wish to volunteer and support our activities to control the spread of the virus can be contacted by telephone at the contact center of Sofia municipality - 0700 17 310. They must os name, PIN, telephone, address, information about their profession and in what field they may be useful. We are handling our own forces so far, but we must also be prepared to respond when the situation worsens.

Thanks to all citizens who comply with the restrictions. This is the way to get back to our normal lifestyle faster.

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Fankova to the elderly: Stay at home!

In recent hours, I have been talking to dozens of Sofia doctors who have been pushing for stricter measures to limit the spread of the virus in our city.

Yes, our health facilities have the highest capacity, but it is limited and will not be enough in the case of mass contamination. It is our discipline and personal responsibility to limit the contagion so that we give our doctors the opportunity to treat everyone and not have to choose. This is said in the Mayor's address to Sofia residents.

"I understand and share the anxious voice of our doctors. They are currently taking on serious cases and caring for the sick. We rely on them to save our lives and now it's our turn to help them because we are their team. Our responsibility is their success, and success is life.

I turn to the elderly - stay home! Your children and grandchildren will happily take the time to have food and medicine. For those who are alone, community teams supply essentials to their homes.

Please, all parents and young people, do not visit playgrounds and gardens in parks and gardens. "

According to the mayor of Sofia, with discipline, self-restraint and responsible behavior, we can prevent the imposition of much stricter measures in our city, such as introducing the full quarantine we see in Italian cities and already in Bansko. The Sofia Municipality, together with the national headquarters, is ready and more firm measures are put in place as cases are escalating in the capital.

Since yesterday, together with the police, the district prosecutor's office and health mediators have been stepped up to inform Roma citizens neighborhoods of Sofia.

Disinfection around major hospitals, neighborhoods, pedestrian subways and marketplaces continues.

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A treatment unit for patients with COVID-19 will be opened at Second Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment (SMHAT)

At the suggestion of Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova a ward for the treatment of COVID-19 patients will be opened at Second Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment (SMHAT).

This is clear after a conversation between Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova , the Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev and the Director of SMHAT, Dr. Penchev.

The director of SMHAT guarantees the necessary staff.

"I am extremely grateful to the pulmonary wardens, Dr. Halil and Dr. Dobrinka Ivanova, who declared they were ready to start work. Thanks also to their colleagues who will remain to treat patients positive for COVID-19, "said Mayor Fandakova.

The hospital has the necessary protective clothing and supplies will continue. The mayor of Sofia also guarantees additional funding for those who will take on coronavirus patients. The department will also receive another breathing apparatus, which is provided by one of the large private hospitals with the personal assistance of Prof. Ivo Petrov.

"Today, I also spoke with the medical staff at the hospital who do not agree with the reorganization. , and I heard their concerns.They insist that the other departments continue to work the way they have done so far. To the extent possible, this is a question that they will answer themselves.

Some doctors' claims that they are not prepared to treat the disease will only say that medical students and doctors of all specialties volunteers are enrolled. The National Headquarters has sent instructions to the medical staff about what treatment is being applied based on the experience of their Chinese counterparts.

As a doctor's wife, I know what the medical profession means. I know the risk for family, for loved ones, for days away from home. You're not prepared for this, it's a lifestyle you accept.

Yes, we all want life to go old, but we must make a personal effort. Everyone according to their strengths and abilities.

A huge respect and gratitude to all doctors, nurses, paramedics, laboratory assistants who are involved in the front line, taking risks and inconveniences. We have a duty to help and support them, ”Yordanka Fandakova said.

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